Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I can recognise and understand a variety of grammatical constructions and some rhetorical patterns

In this unit I have been learning about:
  • The parts of speech.
  • The types of nouns.
  • The types of sentences.

In this unit, I found challenging was playing the game were you had to get them all correct to win.

Something new I learnt was what a noun was and many more .

Monday, 29 August 2016

Add and subtract decimals

Student Led Conference Reflection

The things I enjoyed most about my SLC were: that my parents were impressed with how my learning had been going.

What went well and reports because when I showed them to my parents they were very impressed.

What were the challenges you faced when preparing and presenting your SLC?.. the WiFi wasn't working at first but that's okay.

Care Progress

I have done a check of my CARE progress so far this year. 

I am proud of my progress/ I am doing OK/ I feel I could do much better.

Give reasons for the answer that you have highlighted above. 
I am very close to reaching my bronze alough