Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This is me!

This is me!!!

* soccer
* athletics
* painting/art
* skateboarding
* reading
* drawing
* fishing 

AND MORE !!!!!!!

Posted by GRACE:)

Friday, 13 June 2014

What I have been learning about this term

Hi my name is grace.

This is some of the things we have been
Learning about this term.

My favourite thing about being in room 12
Is having a lovely teacher just like the
Wonderful miss Harris.

The Aye aye

                         THE AYE AYE                                                                                                                DO YOU LIKE MAMMALS THAT DANGLE DOWN  FROM TREES IF YOU DO READ  ON.... 

Aye ayes can only be found on the island of Madagascar .

Aye ayes are a type of lemur that spend their whole life in rain 
forest trees.

Most Aye ayes are dark brown or black & are distinguished by a bushy tail that is larger then their bodies.

Aye ayes have pointed claws on all their fingers & big toes,which enable them to dangle from branches.

They also feature big eyes,slender fingers & large sinsitive ears.

Stop bulling happening.

On the 23rd of May our whole school had a pink shirt day to show
That we support NO BULLING!!!!!

My learning

WALT:Use simile's to imagery in our writing.


1.The sharks face is as gray as the winter sky thats about to pour down raining.
2.The sharks teeth are as sharp as broken glass that has just been smashed by a sledge hammer.
3.The sharks are as fast as a tiger hunting for its meaty prey.
4.The sharks eyes are as squashy as  a baby grape thats about to be eaten by a 25 yr old human being.

Monday, 26 May 2014


We are learning to apply the SOLO taxonomy to our school work

Friday, 16 May 2014

Living springs activitys

Living springs was awesome

But the best thing about living springs was when my Mum and Dad 
came to living springs on my birthday 

It was the best surprise ever!
Especially when Mum and Dad brought some yummy sponge cake 
and some really nice fizzy drinks for the WHOLE class.

Mum and Dad are the best:)

It was fun having Mum and Dad at living springs

I am SO lucky.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Farewell to mr Donaldson

When I found out that our caretaker mr Donaldson was leaving
I was worried cause I thought our school wouldn't have a 
Caretaker anymore. 

Luckily Miss Harris read out the morning noties & said that our
school will have a new caretaker.

But I will miss mr Donaldson {of course}.
What a relief!!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Street art

We have been learning about street art

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Making nets

This is a square based pyramid
That I made.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter


Thursday, 17 April 2014

This is my family

This photo below the typing is some pictures of me & family/pets
& I am happy to show you who my family really it cause I am proud
of them:)

Friday, 11 April 2014

School campfire

Grace's campfire story!!!


{Adjectives,peaceful,sleepy,hungry & more}

{verbs play,playing,played & more}

{adverbs smiled nicely,ran quickly & more}

Hope you enjoy:)

"There was a farmer who had a dog"we sang happily
as we all watched the dark cold night light by are warm

I had to admit though making the s'mores was the best
part of the campfire,but when you got to eat the s'mores 
It made me feel like I was in heaven.

The way you had to chew furiously into the melted pink &
White marshmallows was incredibly amazing.

By the time everyone had finished making s'mores it was
Time to go.

At first I was annoyed that we had to go but on the hand
I was very tired & needed heaps of sleep cause tomorrow 
Was going to be a  big & long day.

The walk back to the bunk house's was a nightmare I was
Dying to go to sleep.

"Drip,drop,drip,drop" I woke up to a noise coming from the
-girls bathroom.

That's when suddenly something amazing hit me & when I say
Amazing I really mean it TODAY was my 10th birthday yay!!!