Thursday, 7 April 2016

peer mediation merit evidence (can do)(post 2)

a few days ago today me and my peer mediation group went to do peer mediation but when we went to get the i pad it was flat and there was no other i pad with the peer mediation form on it so we asked the teachers what to do and they said to just do it without the i first me and my peer mediation group were a little  worried that we would have a problem but then we remembered that we hadn't had a problem any other time so we hoped that it would be the same as any other peer mediation Judy .

And it was the only problem we had was that a little girl couldn't tie her shoe lace up but that didn't count as a real problem though and it was easy fix too.

the care value I think my group and I showed the most at while we were doing peer mediation was probably showing resilience when the i pad was flat. 

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