Friday, 4 March 2016

today the year 8's have been helping out in the junior classes my group and I first went to room 18 for the first half hour we helped the juniors do art and other activities when it was time for us to go the juniors hugged us and waved us goodbye .

every thing went really well and it was fun helping out with the juniors.

When we got back to our classes we had morning tea while Mr McAven  explained to us that we were going to make up a game for the juniors to play with us after morning tea .we had to go in partners so Brooke and I went together we decided to play granny's treasure it's like sneak up granny except you have to try steal the treasure from the granny without them knowing who it was

it went really well and everything turned out the way it was planed if not better

 here's a photo of the first group we played it with

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