Friday, 20 May 2016

Bus ride to tech merit evidence( must do )( post 4 )

For the first time in term 2 the year 7's and 8's bused to Lincoln primary school for technology we were going to find what group we were all in today when we got there, i was excited to find out what group I was in next, the last group I had was cooking and it was fun.......
back to the bus ride, the bus ride there went really well until someone in the back opened up a window letting the freezing air go though the whole bus. 
and the bus ride back was the same so there was no need for my to explain it to you.

The C.A.R.E values I think I showed on the bus( bus wise ) was probably stay sitted on bus at all times, and listen and respect the bus driver at all times. cause I stayed sitted   at all times even though I wanted to stand up and go shut the window.

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